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Webinar Resources "Blends the Best" of today's leading technologies to create innovative content optimization and demand generation solutions to help our clients attract, retain and grow their customer base.

Content Optimization and Delivery

Deliver the Right Content to the Right Audience at the Right Time - Through the Right Channel

Email, mobile, web, social media - each represents a potential delivery channel for the valuable marketing and training content you create. We've found that a multichannel approach is often the most effective way for you to inform your customers about your products and services. Webinar Resources' experts can help you determine the best format for your content and the best delivery channel (s) to use for maximum impact and reach.

For example, using the powerful Brainshark rich media presentation platform, Webinar Resources has developed unique solutions for creating, delivering and tracking dynamic, mobile-ready content. We can help you optimize and maximize the impact and reach of your webinar content by creating condensed, rich-media webinar replays. You can then quickly and easily distribute these streamlined, highly engaging mobile replays to your customers for viewing anytime, anywhere on their preferred mobile device. Text "replay" to 88769 for an example.

We have also developed interactive solutions using QR (Quick Response) codes, that when scanned by a user's "smart" mobile device (BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, etc.) can launch a Brainshark mobile-ready presentation featuring personalized, targeted, trackable content.

In addition, we can help you automate the process of making sure your content is optimized and immediately available to your customers anytime, anywhere through their favorite social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

Demand Generation Campaigns

Generate, Manage and Close Sales Leads More Quickly and More Effectively

Our experience has shown that the most successful lead generation campaigns are designed with an integrated approach. To help you more effectively generate, manage and close sales leads, we "Blend the Best" by integrating Brainshark with industry-leading email marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.

No More Cold Calls For example, using ExactTarget and Brainshark, we can enable your sales organization to reach out to prospects through personalized emails that pass valuable profile information seamlessly to the Brainshark Guest Book and on to Salesforce.com.

As your prospect is viewing the presentation, the Guest Book information is dynamically passed to Salesforce.com. In addition, ExactTarget automatically sends the prospect a personalized, branded thank-you email. Through this integrated process, your prospect has become a qualified lead allowing your salesperson to follow up with a "warm" sales call.

To learn more about our content optimization and demand generation solutions, contact us!

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