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QR Codes

What are QR Codes?

A QR ("quick response") Code or Tag is a square barcode that you can scan with your smartphone's camera with the help of a QR Code app to immediately launch a link or URL on the mobile phone’s web browser. Said another way, QR Codes are a simple way to connect the offline world with the online world.


Where to put QR Codes

QR Code QR Codes can be printed and/or displayed anywhere a mobile phone user might scan the code:
  • Product packaging or signage in a store
  • Business cards and conference badges
  • Data sheets and print materials
  • Events and trade show signage
  • Traditional advertising (print/magazines, outdoor displays)
  • Online advertising (web pages, web/mobile banner ads)

Some readers to test:
  1. QUICKMARK (Available for Android, iPhone, Symbian, Windows Mobile)
  2. SCANLIFE (Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Ovi by Nokia, Windows Mobile)
  3. BEETAGG QR reader (Android, Bada, Blackberry, Java/J2me, iPhone, Symbian, Windows Mobile)
  4. KAYWA Reader (Java, Symbian, Windows Mobile)
  5. STICKYBITS (Android, iPhone)
  6. REDLASER (iPhone)
  7. GOOGLE Goggles (Android, iPhone)

How to read a QR Code:
  1. Open your Code reader application.
  2. Line your camera over the code until the app recognizes the picture.
  3. If the reader doesn't take you directly to the site, tap the link displayed.
  4. You are connected!

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