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Bizucate and Webinar Resources Launch Webinar Wednesdays
A New Monthly Smart Event Planning Webinar Series

Philadelphia, PA and St. Louis, MO - March 31, 2010: Bizucate Inc. and Webinar Resources today announced the launch of Webinar Wednesdays, a joint venture focusing on progressive event planning strategy. The art of event planning - conferences, webinars, annual meetings, out of the field training - has experienced some major changes as a result of the unstable economic climate.

In the context of this radically altered economic environment, Bizucate and Webinar Resources have come together to crack open the traditional event planning processes and find a way to create engaging and successful events while maintaining a budget and reaching the largest possible audience. It is possible to facilitate educational and profitable events by employing a multi-channel campaign over a phased process of engagement.

In an effort to share this sensible approach to event planning, Webinar Resources will be hosting Webinar Wednesdays, a monthly webinar held on the second Wednesday of the month. Each session will cover a particular aspect of this progressive event planning strategy. To kick off the series, the first four sessions outline the basic framework of a successful multi-channel event, then move on to focus on more specific elements of planning and implementation.

"The old model for event planning has become outdated," says Peter Muir, president of Bizucate Inc. "There are now many new channels through which businesses and professionals communicate. In the future the potential for effective and memorable events lies in combining these channels to suit your organization's needs."

"We are pleased to launch Webinar Wednesdays with Peter Muir. This exciting webinar series provides the vast business development experience of Bizucate and the seasoned technology and best practices from Webinar Resources" says Mark Rice, Managing Director of Webinar Resources. "We have blended the best to help customers build their business."

To fully maximize this opportunity for engagement, The Multi-Channel Mix blog will be updated weekly with articles associated with the webinar content, as well as peripheral issues and news related to multi-channel event planning. We invite you to submit your comments and questions to keep the dialogue relevant and evolving.

The webinars will be hosted by Peter Muir, president of Bizucate Inc. a business development strategy consultancy in Philadelphia. Widely recognized for dynamic and engaging presentations Mr. Muir's webinars will focus on trends, strategy and tools to create highly successful professional events.

Webinar Resources will host the webinars and produce replays of the events. Register for the first webinar at: http://events.webinarresources.com/WebinarWednesdays or text "webinar" (a space) and your email address to 88769 to subscribe to the Webinar Wednesdays email list for updated webinar dates and topics.

For further information or press inquiries please contact: Emma Zumberge ezumberge@bizucate.com 215-234-4498

About Bizucate:

Bizucate is a training, education, strategy and consulting organization focusing on helping people communicate more effectively today and tomorrow. Customized programs and projects are targeted to deliver improved profitability and performance across a variety of organizations and markets around the world. For more information, call (215) 234 4498 or visit http://www.bizucate.com.

Contact: Peter Muir
Title: President
Company: Bizucate Inc.
Phone: 215-234-4498
E-Mail: pmuir@bizucate.com

About Webinar Resources:

Webinar Resources is the market leader in customer acquisition solutions providing integration with on-demand rich media and permission-based email marketing applications that drive customers to in-person and online web conferences (webinars). Fortune 500 companies, public sector organizations and startup enterprises continue to gain value and grow their event audience base by enhancing their marketing campaigns with Webinar Resources services and hosted solutions. For more information, call (314) 385-5211 or visit http://www.webinarresources.com.

Contact: Mark Rice
Title: Managing Director
Company: Webinar Resources
Phone: 314-385-5211
E-Mail: markrice@riceresources.com

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