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We are starting July off with a bang! We have a new location, new partners, new customer stories and a new startup. We continue to grow and support our customers through a unique mix of solutions, services, partners and channels.


MobExMe - Mobile Media Made Easy (TM)

You will also notice that we are proudly displaying a new brand - MobExMe. MobExMe is a more descriptive name for the mobile solutions and services that we are providing. We recently moved to a downtown St. Louis location that supports a pool of entrepreneurial startups. We plan to launch a new cloud application service and have recently applied to be admitted to the Capital Innovators Accelerator program. Follow us here and support our new startup. More to come.



There is a lot of activity going on right now related to acquisitions in the marketing channels. We recently signed up as partner with Pardot, a leading B2B marketing automation solution. Pardot was acquired by ExactTarget (another partner) late last year. Just recently, ExactTarget announced they are merging with Salesforce, the leading customer relationship management (CRM) cloud application.

The convergence of marketing automation, multi-channel marketing and CRM solutions provides marketers with a "one-stop" alternative for managing the design and delivery of marketing content and a powerful relational database to track and manage prospects and customers. Customers are continually challenged with the capture and management of "big data" that flows from multiple sources - web, email, mobile, social and CRM. Salesforce will be positioned to bring order out of chaos in helping customers manage, analyze and deliver more personalized user experiences from the cloud.



DataServ Increases Inbound Leads with Pardot Marketing Automation Solution

We are pleased to be supporting St. Louis-based DataServ for their email marketing automation and lead generation programs. DataServ is a SaaS ECM company specializing in document and workflow in solutions that eliminate paper and automate business processes in the accounts payable, accounts receivable and human resources areas.

DataServ was searching for a solution to improve lead generation and conversion. We introduced DataServ to our business partner, Pardot, (recently acquired by ExactTarget), and together, all parties put together an implementation plan. The Pardot implementation provides a marketing automation solution that captures, grades and scores prospect records based on job titles, business functions, email activity and overall engagement with DataServ's content. In addition, the Pardot implementation includes the integration of customer/prospect data from DataServ's CRM database.

"Marketing automation helps us fully leverage our content-marketing strategy and ensures more meaningful conversations with our prospects and clients. This improved capability has already increased the number of inbound leads." Says Chris Gaia, Director of Marketing.

NEW Annual and Recurring Event Vendor Guide

Carolyn Hasenfratz is Creative Director for Webinar Resources and MobExMe. Carolyn has been a Route 66 fan since 1999. Route 66 was officially in existence from 1926-1985 and although it has been decommissioned Americans and guests from many foreign countries still enjoy getting their kicks by driving it from Chicago to LA. Over the years Carolyn has traveled the road a considerable amount and attended a lot of Route 66 events, many with vendor opportunities. She saw a need to help vendors find the best events and stores to market their wares, so we launched the web site in 2011. In 2012, we introduced the Mobile Directory with special features for Route 66 fans on the move. A major addition for 2013 is our brand-new Annual and Recurring Event Vendor Guide which includes festivals, trade shows, craft fairs and any events we can find in the Route 66 corridor that offer vendor opportunites. While the regular event section is organized geographically, the new vendor guide is organized by date and includes application deadline dates when available to make it easier for exhibitors to plan ahead. Route 66 was planned from the beginning as a road of commerce and is there to make doing business on the road easier.


QR Code Shopping Walls - Fizzle or Sizzle?
by Mark Rice

QR Codes continue to withstand initial mobile campaigns that were poorly executed. I omit the word "plan" as many marketers started off with no strategy behind their use of QR codes during their quick entry into the US market in the last two years. Marketers are now learning that QR codes are an effective bridge from various print media to relevant and targeted digital marketing content. Declaring their death and demise is still premature. Read more

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