Share the QR Love
Share the QR Love

Are you in the mood for QRLove?

  1. Make sure you're in the same location as your Valentine and that both of you have smartphones.

  2. If there is not a 2-D barcode reader installed on each smartphone, install one. Here is a list of apps you can try.

  3. Partner #1 should scan the QR code above. If you will not be in front of a computer where you can view this web page, you can print out the QR code and bring it to your location.

  4. Partner #2 should scan the same QR code next with their smartphone.

  5. Watch the presentation on each of your phones to learn how to share the love! (Press the play button at the same time.)

  6. Tell us where you made QRLove at #madeQRLove or

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